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Follow the ekos earthship throughout the day to follow the news as thousands of protestors rally outside the Koch Bros. conference in Palm Springs.

Pictures are starting to filter in as thousands join rally and police are out in force ...

First pictures filtering in ...



Background: Read A. Siegels Koch U diary


This weekend, a gaggle of America's wealthiest and most powerful individuals are gathered in a luxurious hotel near Rancho Mirage, California.  Under the tutelage of the libertarian multi-billionaire Koch brothers, this secretive conclave gathers yet again to conspire on paths to undermine American liberties and weaken the Union to favor their special interests.  Koch University educates this elite about paths to gain even greater power for themselves at the expense of the vast majority of Americans.
This uber-rich gang has collaborated funding astro-turf activities to provide false veneers of popular support for destructive policies, supported the creation and maintenance of 'think tanks' to drive America's policy discussion ever further to the right, and been a prime player in driving America's political discussion away from substance into distortion.


Laughing Planet last week distinguished the Koch Bros with #2 status on his list of The Dirty Dozen: Those responsible for destroying the planet

  1. Charles and David Koch, CEO and Executive VP, Koch Industries

These filthy-rich brothers have amassed a mountain of wealth as a result of their efforts. You gotta wonder if they have also bought a planet on which their descendants may live.
With a combined worth of $43 billion, these two aging, archconservative brothers are America's leading funders of the climate-disinformation machine. By perpetuating the use of fossil fuels, they in turn fuel their sprawling empire of oil refineries and pipelines — the second-largest private corporation in the country.


A view from across the street ..


The police guard the tyrants fortress

Reports just in that codepink protestors have been arrested but it appears staged..


peterflom Peter Flom
RT @jasonleopold: MT @Karoli RT @QtheKochs 1000s just took Bob Hope Dr 2 block entrance of Koch mtg! #Koch #uncloakkoch

Joe Francis: "We have had enough of your pollution in our lives and we will not allow your continuing pollution in our politics."

Jim Hightower speaking...


a diary from boatsie back in April -

A postcard from a TeaParty Patriots meeting last spring ...

a new liberal tactic? let's try "whistling vivaldi"*

Need some extra cash? Koch Foundation funded RightOnline is hiring! Free training. Group support. Build a community.
The Wake Up Call issued earlier this month by Greenpeace regarding the Koch Brothers funding of Climate Deniers was just the first shoe to fall. A close look into their #2 beneficiary Americans for Prosperity reveals how the slick billionaires driving the American agenda have usurped the Alinsky tactics of community organizing, churned them up and spit them out, like some faux god spewing venomous filth on a disenfranchized, demoralized partially lobotomized serfdom, whose members are mindlessly searching for anything to give some meaning to their vapid existence.

Working in tandem with  FreedomWorks, the Leadership Institute, and the official Tea Party Patriots, Americans For Prosperity (AFP) continues to sink a sizable portion of its $5,176,500 Koch allocation into what just might be called "re-education camps" throughout the country, training and paying graduates in the miracles of social networking tactics to effectively tweet, blog, ning, network, and chalk up some extra cash in the name of reclaiming America!
These 'retraining camps' are happening in community centers just down the street from where you live.



The Cunctator just published a diary on today's demonstration: Koch Industries: The 100-Million Ton Carbon Gorilla

climatebrad Brad Johnson
Koch-owned consumer brands: Dixie Cups, Mardi Gras Napkins, Brawny and Sparkle Paper Towels, Lycra, Stainmaster

CommonCause Video: #koch have money AND power on their side. #uncloakkoch

Taunia_Adams TauniaAdams
RT @BrookeErdmann: Cops now asking people to move across the street. Poop. #UncloakKoch

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